The 2017 South Australian Food Industry Awards Program opens on Wednesday 4 May 2017.

1. Who can enter?

Entry is open to any business which is a food producer, manufacturer or franchisor, or which provides goods
or services to the food industry, provided that:

• the head office or principal place of business for that business is in South Australia (and if the business is operated by a franchisee, the head office or principal place of business of the franchisor is in South Australia); and
• at least half the expenses of the business are incurred in South Australia.

2. Why you should enter?

The Awards program provides the opportunity to not only increase your business profile, and add value to your brand but to develop your corporate profile and update your business plan. You will also be evaluated and benchmarked against the best in the State.

3. The rules – conditions of entry.

Entry is open from Thursday 4 May to 5.00pm Monday 10 July 2017 and applicants must meet all criteria as outlined under each Award program category.

4. Judging process.

All written applications will be assessed and scored by an independent judging panel to ensure each business meets the criteria. Written independent, confidential feedback on your business will be provided to all finalists and winners upon conclusion of the Awards.

5. How to enter?

Any pursuit of excellence requires some effort and commitment, so there is some work for you to do, but if you follow the four simple steps, you will be closer to demonstrating your brilliance in business.

6. Categories.

Highlight the breakthroughs that you have achieved in your business and branding in the marketplace. To enter the Awards simply choose your categories and complete the online application form.

7. Pre entry templates.

Complete the Award category templates before going online. That way you can edit and proof your application and also ensure you have a copy should technical issues arise when completing the online forms. Then simply copy and paste the text into the online forms.

8. Application online forms.

Simply complete the form and submit your application by 5.00pm Monday 10 July 2017.

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Award categories
    Open Awards (up to 15 FTE staff OR over 15 FTEs)

  • Business Excellence Award, sponsored by Show Society Foundation
  • Export Award, sponsored by Visy
  • Innovation in Business Award, sponsored by Food Processing Equipment
  • Innovation in Food Award, sponsored by the South Australian Research & Development Institute
  • New Product Award, sponsored by Foodland SA
  • Primary Producer Award, sponsored by Thomas Foods International
  • Service Provider Award, sponsored by Moore Stephens South Australia
  • Sustainability Award, sponsored by Peats Soil and Garden Supplies

  • Individual Awards

  • Leader Award, sponsored by Bickford’s Group
  • Next Generation Award, sponsored by Macro Group Australia

  • Industry Awards

  • Hall of Fame Award, sponsored by San Remo
  • Duncan MacGillivray Entrepreneur Award, sponsored by Primary Industries and Regions South Australia
  • Education Award, sponsored by The University of Adelaide
  • Regional Award, sponsored by Primary Industries and Regions South Australia

  • The Consumer Award, sponsored by Statewide Super