Voting for the 2018 Consumer Award will open on Friday 4 May 2018.

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  1. Emma Scott says:

    I love this brand. It’s so yum.

  2. Karen says:

    Barossa Fine Foods – I love their products and our family Easter Sunday favourite is the Cinnamon Maple Bacon. Yummo

  3. Heidi mitchell says:

    Menz fruchocs and there veritiy of lollies are the best and I like to support local companies

  4. Sue Skinner says:

    Nippy’s are a long established family owned Australian company, employing local people, & using local oranges.
    They are will deserving of recognition as a favorite SA Food business

  5. Helen Krollig says:

    Nippy’s, honestly the best products! You just have to try them! The best orange juice, freshly squeezed, when my 96 year old mother states it’s the best… I know it’s the best! Thanks Nippy’s 🌟

  6. Dan Moriarty says:

    Roberto’s Nougat is world class, recently winning 3 gold medals at the International awards in Belgium.
    To eat it is sublime

  7. Michelle Hoffmann says:

    Matchetts Productions quality products awesone range

  8. Leon Cartledge says:

    LOVE Matchetts Productions
    Chilli Fire is my fave
    Always featured on our shelves at Innamincka Hotel

  9. Tina says:

    Love there sauces

  10. Sarah says:

    Melbas Chocolate Factory – great range, great place to visit

  11. Fiona Watson says:

    Matchett Productions set a really high benchmark in the condiments and salad dressings range

  12. Monica Cathcart says:

    Excellent product, great because my husband is a Coeliac and a lot of their lines are gluten free

  13. Bev Goodwin says:

    A company who is South Australian through and through. Great fresh products turned into remarkable products such as relishes, jams, jellies, dessert sauces, cheeseboard pastes. They deliver orders from online orders in two days. Packed remarkably well. Recipes supplied for their products are remarkable A great family business longstanding in SA

  14. Jenn Cole says:

    Grest local produce and great for SA

  15. Ronel Steyn says:

    I love all things Beerenberg…Jams, sauces…You name it. Fantastic marketing with the story on each product and the most delicious tasting products.

  16. Gemma Spence says:

    Moo Yoghurt – a great local company, quality product 🙂

  17. Anna Macrow says:

    I love Moo’s creamy smooth yoghurt. It’s the best. And now their Rice Puddings are a very close 2nd best.

  18. Patricia Duke says:

    Love the taste

  19. Kerri-Ann D says:

    Love the blackberry jam, perfect addition to a cheese platter or simply on toast

  20. Lyn Clark says:

    Matchett Productions – Imaginative presentation of local produce – the tastiest teasing of the tastebuds – with enticing names for such high quality product.

  21. Emily Currie says:

    Woodside Cheese Wrights.
    Love their beautiful products, friendly service and commitment to improving SA. Keep it up!

  22. Eliza says:

    Love Ferguson Australia – have you tasted their fish range in Foodland?? AMAZING! All SA fish and no imported stuff!

  23. Rino Bruno says:

    Continental Taralli Biscuits are a family owed and operated business since 1969. Producer of savoury and sweet biscuits! Love taralli’s.x

  24. Light Diva says:

    Great service by a well-established family company

  25. Sally Kay says:

    Excellent, delicious products.

  26. Sandi Cowan says:

    Great service, food. Have been several times over the last couple of months. They also have take-away..

  27. Brenton McLean says:

    Fleurieu Milk & Yoghurt Company pruduce the best milk there is always fresh and with a long shelf life

  28. Sam says:

    for their tasty products and innovation in business

  29. Greg Goodfellow says:

    Top service and tender beef. Love it

  30. Dean Lawrance says:

    Big variety of chocolate products made in SA !!

  31. Heather S says:

    Tweedvale milk, nice & tasty, full cream, non homogenised. For milk connoisseurs. My family love it.

  32. Peter says:

    Absolutely love Tucker’s, my family have been enjoying Tucker’s for years

  33. Wendy says:

    Stansbury Gourmet Meats – fabulous meat and they are willing to try something different with their products. They also support the local community and deliver great customer service.

  34. Lorraine says:

    The Fleurieu Milk Company makes products that are consistently wonderful. I’ve bought their milks for ages, flavoured and plain and now having tried their yoghurts I wouldn’t go back to the others!

  35. Sue Percival says:

    Pasta Deli has wonderful fresh and delicious food, always an enjoyable place for an outing.

  36. Rosemary Hannam says:

    Fructose and mints are the best and very more usher.

  37. Natasha Velleman says:

    Fruchocs! Great products and so proud they are South Australian

  38. Kevin says:

    Innovative natural healthy beautifully presented and from the fantastic Adelaide Hills. What more could you want.

  39. James Jay says:

    Awesome cheese and a great location for a platter in Hahndorf

  40. glenda maglica says:

    Love our Tweed milk especially to be able to 4 litre size. Good taste.

  41. U. Faustmann says:

    Love the taste. We started serving Nippy’s in 1972 in our Squash Centre.

  42. Rose Boxall says:

    Great company great product great pricing great employer

  43. Kym says:

    God country company. Employs locals in a ever decreasong emplotment area

  44. Sue says:

    Beerenberg Family Farm, no matter how big they get, they are down to earth and true to the customer with quality. Being able to visit the farm gives it the family orientated edge.

  45. Val Lintern says:


  46. Rosebery Honey says:

    Kris Lloyd Artisan – Innovative products, delicious product range and inspirational passionate lady

  47. Karen Thompson says:

    Love the food that Tuckers produce

  48. Karen Thompson says:

    Love the food that Tuckers produce

  49. Bruce Logan says:

    Ain’t NOTHING like Tuckers Natural!!

  50. Alyson Kent says:

    Family owned, Natural ingredients, large variety including gluten free
    Fantastic products

  51. Always delicious and natural to boot.

  52. Miriam Ralston says:

    Tuckers Natural crackers are elegant and form a beautiful display with cheeses and their spreads. Being apart of this loyal club is fantastic.

  53. Christine Sunderland says:

    Love their products.
    Such a choice of culinary delights.
    Delicious snacks – anytime of day or night

  54. Jen says:

    Without a doubt the best yoghurt in Australia. So many flavors, so very smooth. love it

  55. Lesley Smith says:

    Best Australian products

  56. Kasia Hill says:


  57. Quynh says:

    This premium gelati is amazing! I love how you can buy quality crafted gelati in a tub from your local supermarket. The dairy free options are great. I love supporting local produce so SA products all the way!

  58. Catherine says:

    Matchett Productions & Big Sissy Foods quality is the best! well deserving of recognition.

  59. andy boulton says:


  60. Zoie says:

    They have the best chilli jam I have ever tasted.
    Impossible to find, but when you do.. OMG! I use it on everything it’s that good! 😀

  61. Steve Ramsey says:

    We love the range of Matchett Production gourmet foods and their fabulous customer service. They are a great example of our fabulous SA food.

  62. GraHam J. Ferris says:

    Simply the Best
    Better than all the Rest!

  63. Felicia Borgona says:

    Matchetts Productions& Big Sassy Foods …. I love their products the variety, quality and the yummy tastes …. always have a stock in my pantry.

  64. Felicia Borgona says:

    Matchetts Productions& Big Sissy Foods …. I love their products the variety, quality and the yummy tastes …. always have a stock in my pantry.

  65. I love their products … the variety, quality and the yummy tastes …. always have a stock in my pantry.

  66. Marylou says:

    Without exception all of Matchett Production’s are delicious, but must say I am particularly fond Matchett’s Chili Jam, with any of Alexandria’s cheese’s

  67. Louise says:

    The Matchett Productions range is simply stunning. The multitude of flavours on offer is superb and will leave you licking your lips for more!

  68. Jo says:

    Matchette’s. The sauces. Yummm
    All of our friends loves them too

  69. Anne says:

    Matchett Productions – products are brilliant!
    Creative new line with Big Sissy.

  70. Craig Palmer says:

    Spring Gully love all their products made right here is south australiua

  71. Udo Ruckdaschel says:

    Love their products

  72. Sandi Cowan says:

    Love that these come from grower to plate. Best chick peas I have ever used.

  73. Ron says:

    Mount Gambier Farmers Market brings together a wide variety of the best local produce every Saturday morning.

  74. Sandra McMahon says:

    Love all Fleurieu Milk company’s dairy products…they are simply the best

  75. Bob parr says:

    Another great SA Business with quality products

  76. maria taylor says:

    Love, Love, Love, Bad Sally Balsamic Vinegar

  77. Joanne Galley says:

    Bickfords – Never without a bottle of cordial in the house, love their products. Not to mention they are expanding in the Riverland creating local employment.

  78. Best fresh cheese, love their ricotta and mascarpone

  79. Helen wilhelm says:

    Best pastry and very tasty

  80. Rachel says:

    GoodLife pizza….SA owned and supporting SA producers and winemakers since 2003. Truly SA proud.

  81. Nadine Hardwicke says:

    We love the range and the flavours suit everyone…

  82. Terry says:

    Wonderfully tasty milk and luscious cream- as they should be.

  83. Gena Martin says:

    This is one of the best tasting meat, delivered to my door all ready to freeze. Fabulous quality and price.
    Australia needs to protect its food industry. We shouldnt be paying $40 for a steak at a restaurant, or $30 a kilo.

  84. Dee says:

    Best beef and lamb in the state.

  85. Chris McCue says:

    Excellent product and friendly people

  86. You can buy a huge range of organic groceries, plus they have a café next door. And being in Glenelg, it’s pretty central.

  87. Anne-Marie Webber says:

    NAjOBE Beef – their meat is second to none – what REAL meat tastes like – highest quality, fantastic SA family business

  88. Kaye says:

    Love the Taka Tala Sauce – best tasting sauce. Delicious!

  89. Graham says:

    I enjoy their products

  90. Tass Nicopoulos says:

    I can’t do without my Mitani Chicken it

  91. Gav says:

    La Casa just amazing produce

  92. Sandy says:

    la Casa Del Formaggio showcasing Fleurieu dairies in their quality, delicious products. Deserve a Gong for SA. Their Glynde Store is a delight to visit too.

  93. Tanya says:

    La Casa Del Formaggio – great trusted quality brand .

  94. Judy Contin says:

    Was introduced to ‘La Vera’ cheeses a few years ago. The range and quality is amazing, never been disappointed!

  95. Heather Harkin says:

    Walking into La Casa Del Formaggio for me is like a kid walking into a lolly shop. Pure joy

  96. Lj Downing says:

    Modest decore, reasonable prices and the most delicious food. Best soft shell crab in sa.

  97. Micky zaccagnini says:

    Best cheese in the world

  98. Wendy Taylor says:

    Fruchocs all the way.Yum 🙂

  99. Leanne Schnitzer says:

    Fruchocs are THE BEST!!!!

  100. Kate McInnes says:

    Fantastic selection of ready made meals that are tasty and in a variety of sizes. Great quiches. The meals and quiche are especially great for these winter days and for busy families

  101. Chieu-Anh says:

    I love Enzo’s at home, especially that they cater for coeliacs (absolutely gluten free). Not only they consider cross contamination of gluten, they have a designated kitchen to prevent this. It is extremely hard to find a supplier/cafe/restaurant who will take this into consideration.

  102. Anne says:

    Delicious milk from South Australian cows and the best yoghurt!

  103. Margaret Watkins says:

    Love the Nuage Blanc.

  104. Roger Harrison says:

    Our extended family have been lovers of Beerenberg Farm produce from their first batch of Strawberry Jam was made by Grant many, many years ago. They are a family business who serve their customers honestly and with integrity. They have earned every accolade they receive. They a family of hard-working people who exercise their own personal gifts within the business group. All serve equally whilst respecting each other’s views and suggestions. A wonderful family.

  105. Craig Palmer says:

    love spring gullys products

  106. Sue Redman says:

    Gelista Gelati …when only the best will do!! Delightful

  107. Viki Harrison says:

    What an amazing selection of jams, condiments, sauces, dressings, chutneys, special items, gifts, etc. etc. etc. Beerenberg have to offer.
    I love them all. I also love the fact that it is such a family operating business; they care about people. They are the winners for sure!

  108. Marc / Russo says:

    Fleurieu Milk : Great Products + Local = Great

  109. Kelly Mills says:

    the Best confectionary ever

  110. Terry says:

    Haigh’s chocolates have an amazing variety, with something for everyone’s taste. Delicious, melt in the mouth milk and dark varieties. Try the award winning milk peppermint frogs!

  111. MaryAnn Stenberg says:

    Fleurieu milk tastes like milk used to before we got all vegan and tried to milk almonds

  112. Anne-marie Kittel says:

    Love this BUSINESS

  113. Frank Webster says:

    Moos yoghurt.
    The best by a mile

  114. Kya says:

    Where’s Golden North Icecream?

  115. Kya says:

    Where is Golden North Icecream

  116. Megan guglielmi says:

    Love the fruit chocs.

  117. Diane Pearn says:

    delicious food love fruchocs

  118. Bel ryan says:

    Piped dreams is amazibg

  119. Anissa Stevens says:

    Their the best. Been eating them 4 years

  120. M Howie says:

    Nippy’s is South Australian using South Australian oranges and make the best fresh orange juice – you must try !!

  121. Pat says:

    I love the boysenberry & acai yoghurt

  122. Mark Maywald says:

    Fruchocs are the best and have been for a very long time

  123. Sharon Underwood says:

    Adore this brand – can’t go back to others

  124. Heike Thiel says:

    I love all the products this company makes as they are all so fresh and taste really nice. It is nice to feed your family a product that is so good for us all

  125. Jennie Phillips-Hughes says:

    Can’t go past a fruitchoc or good mint 🙂

  126. Judy Matley says:

    #17 Piped Dreams Cookie Boutique

  127. Heather S says:

    love the Spring Gully pickles.

  128. Kaye Weinert says:

    I’ve loved Fleurieu Milk Company’s A2 milk for years. Innovative, SA based, dedicated dairy families making a living from a real SA dairy.
    The milk is divine and while I am currently in Victoria, I am desperately missing it! There’s nothing here that is half as good 🙁
    My partner came for a visit a few months ago and brought frozen Fleurieu Milk Company milk over for me! 🙂
    Good luck!

  129. Vivian Lomman says:

    Aust Whole Foods their Quiches are like home made. The pasta dishes are amazing !

  130. Andrew says:

    FruChocs for the win. Great local product and brilliant online presence. Love a little visit to their shop in Hahndorf every now and then.

  131. Michelle says:

    Love ❤️ all the products

  132. Judith Wicks says:

    What ever and when ever you buy Beerenberg Farm, you can be assured the quality will always be superior.

  133. Graham says:

    La Casa Del Formaggio. We love all their cheeses.

  134. Julie Zimmermann says:

    Nippys… family owned all Australian company….Great Product…. Great Company

  135. Anne-Marie Webber says:

    There beef is second to none – the best quality I have found in this state, matched by fantastic service.

  136. Janet says:

    Great quality meats x keeps me coming back.

  137. Roslyn Street says:

    Great products – excellent service

  138. Carolyn Neindorf says:

    Nippys is a local company supporting local people with the best juice and milk products to be found. Well deserving of this prestigious award.

  139. Paul Zimmerman says:

    I enjoy their product very much, a local company.

  140. Pauline says:

    All great SA businesses!

  141. Lisa Liebelt says:

    Using locally produced foods, employing local families and investing in and supporting the heritage of the local community, @Beerenberg tick all the boxes.

  142. Greg says:

    Always fresh and quality is reliable

  143. Phillip Cabot says:

    We love your products they are beautiful.

  144. Ann Marie Buckley says:

    My pantry is never without Spring Gully products, specifically their sweet mustard pickle and sweet spiced gherkins. I haven’t found a product that compares

  145. Ian Brown says:

    Spring Gully Foods truely SA and have fought back so well with the help of all South Australians. Now let us make them. Number 1

  146. Simone says:


  147. Suzanne Coppock says:

    ‘From little things, big things grow’ which is what happened for a small family business. It has grown into a business that employs many people in the local area and the products, especially the Iced Coffee and flavoured yoghuts are yummy.

  148. Jenny Francis says:

    I love Nippys ❤️❤️❤️

  149. jackie childs says:

    Proud to use Spring Gully foods. Always look for them on grocery shelves. My favourite are the Gherkin Ronds.

  150. Zeynep says:

    Very good

  151. Ric Wenske says:

    Spring gully , best foods out , SA owned and looking after South Aussies. Love them .

  152. Leonie Davis says:

    Love all the spring gully range, moved to qld glad now we can get it up here.

  153. Sonja says:

    Absolutely delicious

  154. Margy P says:

    So hard to decide, wanted to vote for lots of them. But there are a few I am not aware of. Maybe this site and others can promote them more?

  155. Rosanna says:

    Enzos at home.. they simply are amazing. Customer service shines bright. And food well no words can discribe how amazing the food is. They are local and produce is as well.

  156. Tamara says:

    Stay local and SA proud with Piped Dreams Cookie Botique..

  157. Chloe Noonan says:

    Two words that sum up Nippy’s perfectly – High quality.
    High quality products and high quality support to their local community. An all-round high quality family owned business, that works hard to continuously grow and meet their consumers expectations, and beyond.
    Good luck Nippy’s, well deserved!

  158. Annette says:

    Spring Gully Foods has such a wide range of yummy foods, it’s a family favourite!

  159. Karen Burnham says:

    We just love Bad Sally and Storm dressing from Matchett Productions and Big Sissy Foods. We are Australian living in the UK and manage to get family to bring out half a dozen bottles every six months. Couldn’t eat a salad without it! Good luck! Kaz n Hugh Burnham

  160. Sandy says:

    Using local dairies for their exquisite products

  161. brenton oates says:

    Love Spring Gully’s sliced and spiced onion in a basket. Just beautiful in sandwiches !

  162. Kala says:

    best Australian Made Haloumi

  163. Katerina says:

    Robern menz is the best

  164. Gabriella says:

    Love the different cheeses they make and staff very friendly

  165. Maz says:

    Spring Gully – South Australian and bloody great produce

  166. Patricia Watson says:

    Matchetts and Big Sissy products are absolutely in a class of their own. From salad dressings to chutneys and yummy quince paste and crackers – there’s something for every meal and every occasion in the the Matchett line-up.

  167. Brian Watson says:

    Can’t get enough of Matchetts Chilli Jam and one of the products in their new range Crocodile Candy!! Absolutely brilliant – the versatility is quite astounding.

  168. Sandra says:

    Loved by the whole family

  169. William Colin Wood says:

    Honestly good.

  170. John says:

    Iconic Spring Gully Foods is my favorite South Australian foodie business. Those pickled onions mmmmmmm

  171. Sue says:

    The only ice cream our family eats is golden North.

  172. Christine McWhinney says:

    We love Najobe grass fed beef. We have tried many of their products and find them delicious as well as top quality. Plus the staff are super friendly as well. They do a great job for S.A.

  173. Karen Frahn says:

    Nippys is No,1 … Amazing drinks

  174. Donna says:

    Beautiful artisan pastry. Tastes divine and available at my supermarket!

  175. Cath hall says:

    Careme pastry offer consistently great products . We use all of their pastries and have never been disappointed.

  176. Delphine Stagg says:

    Love Spring Gully pickles. Have been eating since inception. So glad that they were saved.

  177. Susan Grace says:

    Careme pastry is a high quality pastry that makes quick baking of something classy possible. As well as quality home tasting pastry they regularly send me delicious recipes all of which I keep on my file and make many times over. They not only provide a classy product but create a relationship with customers with these postings. I love them and the pastry.

  178. Beryl Thurston says:

    Spring Gully sell great products at reasonable prices.

  179. Thea says:

    I love this product because their products are a high quality for many baking ideas and recipes. I have never been disappointed with the results.

  180. May Lewis says:

    It is a local firm and I love the taste of productes

  181. Melissa Brown says:

    Matchett Productions Chilli Sting is a staple food product in our house that adds flavour and punch to our meals.

  182. Helen Morgillo says:

    Love their products! Enzo’s at home products are authentic Italian, no artificial flavours or colourings. Their convenience meals are easy to heat and eat, nutricious and packed full of flavour

  183. Kylie T says:

    Tucker’s Natural; great!

  184. Rodanthi says:

    The most scrumptious and high profile “‘Made in SA”‘ !!

  185. Melanie Bryant says:

    Omgosh Haighs are the yummiest ever ❤❤❤

  186. Kerry says:

    Fan- absolutely-tastic.

  187. Barb schumann says:

    The best chocolate

  188. Julia says:

    I have given Haighs chocolates to relatives in the US and friends in Japan. Haighs are a great Austraian company the best chocolate in the world!

  189. Stephanie says:

    Haigh’s is the best!

  190. Jo-Anne Boothby says:

    My husband and I have been huge Haighs fans for many years, visiting the shop and factory on many occasions, my husband travelled to Adelaide regularly and would not be game to come home without a heathy stash of Haighs. We were over the moon when they opened shops in Sydney, now not so far to go now.

  191. Love the chocolates especially the new order online and have the chocolates delivered straight to your door!

  192. Belinda Elliott says:

    Moo yoghurt is a taste of deliciously creamy awesomeness as is their rice pudding, they’re my daily ritual, love I’m supporting local SA as well.

  193. Superb Chocolates, free tastings and friendly staff make every visit to Haighs a treat.

  194. Jenny says:

    Surely Haigh’s have won before. Who doesn’t love Haigh’s!

  195. Jules Abbott says:

    Moo is an impressive, well managed local business

  196. Janet Merrill says:

    Moo Premium Food, Greek style yoghurt is the very best.

  197. Maggie Halliday says:

    Hard working young couple, great produce, great products. Try and you will be hooked.

  198. Monika says:

    Great products, always buy them,very tasty.

  199. Pauline says:

    A great SA business with awesome products

  200. Their range is fantastic but the mustard pickles is the best. i think over the years i have eaten a truck load just on my own. Fritz & pickles, Cheese & pickles, cold roast lamb & pickles, sausages & pickles there is no end!

  201. Katrina pyke says:

    Haighs are the MOST delicious chocolates in the world.

  202. Sally Reeve says:

    My happy food! I get it shipped to me in Qld-the thing I moss most from my home state!

  203. Haighs chocolate says:

    There is no other chocolate like Haighs

  204. Mikyla Gilbert says:

    The enture range (over 100 products) of Beerenberg tasty products are incredible. They involve their staff in the process including taste testing! A wonderful family owned company.

  205. Fiona Bradley says:

    Haigh’s is hands down best chocolate in the world! Quality product, outstanding customer service, reliable and trustworthy name.

  206. Shirley Bowden says:

    Haigh’s chocolates is one of my favourite South Australian businesses. I believe supporting SA then Australia as much as possible.’

  207. Kristie Hoffrichter says:

    I would have liked to vite for Haighs chocolates and Nippy’s except i can only vote 1.
    Bickfords is my all time favourite food brand including their delicious Creaming soda ever.

  208. Lyn Woodruff says:

    Love, love everything about this company!

  209. Lyn Woodruff says:

    Love, love everything about this company! Beerenberg!

  210. Donna Dickson says:

    Should be number 1

  211. Helen Krollig says:

    Good to see our favorite SA Nippy’s orange juice in Cairns. The best👏🏼👏🏼

  212. Margie Ward says:

    Haighs has the best chocolate and it’s completely South Australian owned and run👍

  213. Annette Robertson says:

    Love their yoghurt.

  214. Barb schumann says:

    Haighs is the best chocolate to eat

  215. Josie Hackman says:

    Love, love, love all their products, very tasty and enjoyable. All staff are extremely helpful especially the shop manager – Monique. What a lovely place to visit and enjoy their wonderful products.

  216. Akta Bhimani says:

    Haigh’s Chocolate is the best! My favourite is salted caramel so delicious.

  217. Kelly Mills says:

    the best lollies around. just love them.

  218. Gisella says:

    Enzo’s at Home – Their gluten free donuts are simply the BEST. I buy them every week for my husband at the Adelaide Farmer’s Market.

  219. Lauren says:

    La Casa Del Formaggio is not only the best producer of Italian cheese, but its a wonderful SA family business!

  220. Mandy says:

    LOVE their Double Whipped Vanilla Bean Cream it is to die for

  221. Cathy says:

    Haighs Chocolates,I love the mint and milk chocolate frogs in all sizes

  222. Beth Smythe says:

    Delicious love it.

  223. Lisa Bingham says:

    Highs chocolate is the best! Always delicious and top quality!

  224. Gavin Heyink says:

    a great success story from passionate operators who provide a great variety of deliciousness.

  225. Jordan says:

    Even though I now live 3000 km away in Cairns, I crave the local SA produce still. I struggle to find OJ as good as Nippy’s and no chocolate is better then Haigh’s.

  226. Haigh’s Chocolates are not just a chocolate treat,
    they are a dynamic taste sensation.
    With great ingredients and huge selections,
    whom other companies cannot compete!

  227. Judith says:

    Fantastic juice

  228. Lilli Hughes says:

    I’ve travelled alot and tried alot of chocolate in Europe, USA and Asia. Nothing compares to Haighs!

  229. Joanna says:

    Great product

  230. Sarah says:

    Deslish! And still hand made which is amazing!

  231. Sandra Atwell says:

    We love La Casa del Formaggio and all their products. Great to know no added preservatives & other extras too!

  232. Rose says:

    So excited that they have been releasing more products in the supermarkets! Living in Sydney and not having access to all the wonderful deli delights of Melbourne and Adelaide, we can at least get some good quality cheeses from the supermarket!

  233. Margitta says:

    We just love all the Products you have we just wish we could get them in all our Supermarkets in NSW more the Illawarra Area I now buy them from the Shop side so yam yam

  234. Philip Martin says:

    Recently purchased some “Chilli Sting” paste/chutney from Matchetts. It is seriously yummy paste. Full of flavour and mixed with chicken and coconut cream and a few other things like onions and garlic and ginger it forms a beautiful African style curry which had my friends saying I was the best cook ever…. !! It wasn’t me it was the paste!! This is now one of creative delights every now loves.

  235. Maggie Halliday says:

    Love all,of their products, hubby likes the hot ones. Best wishes.

  236. Kim says:

    Enzo’s at Home – I love their products, amazing pumpkin, spinach and ricotta lasagne and the cannoli delicious! They recently gave substantially to a charity for family dinners, such an act of kindness which was certainly recognised.

  237. Di Williams says:

    This stuff is highly addictive…don’t even try it if you have an addictive personality…like me!

  238. Samantha Bickley says:

    Haighs has been a family favourite for many years and generations. It is the best chocolate in Australia and you can tell it is made with the finest ingredients

  239. Andrea cooper says:

    Love Haigh’s Chocolate

  240. Heather says:

    Too many excellent businesses to choose from.

  241. Jan Brenton says:

    I Love Beerenberg there products are a favourite in our home .

  242. Ronel Steyn says:

    Most delicious products

  243. Emma Sanderson says:

    Love the Matchett Productions and Big Sissy Foods!

  244. Heather Bria says:

    They have the freshest pasta, savoury foods and sweets and the best coffee. Great place to eat and excellent customer service.

  245. Karin Kosiol says:

    Absolutely love Matchetts Chilli Jam, perfect as a base on our homemade duck pizzas!! Also love the salad dressing and amazing caramelised onion!

  246. Georgia says:

    La Vera cheese is the best natural product that I have ever tasted and has a great anf better future ahead PLEASE VOTE!!!

  247. Georgia says:

    La vera has the most creamy divine cheese vote LA vera!!

  248. Lawton says:

    Enzo’s take away food is always the best tasting freshest and well presented Italian traditional food. I love it.

  249. Karen Nicholson says:

    Careme Pastry products reflect the dedication and strive for excellence from Will, Claire and staff. It never, ever disappoints.

  250. Fiona ware says:

    Since I was a child living close by I have seen it grow and grow into a great enterprise . Love their products.

  251. Jeanette Coombes says:

    Matchet’s condiments are a must on the pantry shelf.

  252. Ros Tilsley says:

    Always excellent quality that is so easy to use

  253. Sarndra Steel says:

    The best!

  254. Rosemary Hannam says:

    Graphics and crown mints yum.

  255. Pat wright says:

    Love fruchocs

  256. janis white says:

    hmmm chocolate especially if its Haigh;s

  257. Mel Ready says:

    Love, love, love Haighs

  258. Jessie oliver says:

    It’s that good I travel from the sunshine coast to get my fix

  259. Bev Warwick says:

    Just love that they are Palm oil free.

  260. Helen McPherson says:

    Haighs, the best.

  261. Gaye McKee says:

    Haighs chocolates, you can not beat them.

  262. Amanda says:

    Best chocolates in the world!!!

  263. Love this chocolate it’s the best, honey nougat with dark chocolate yum

  264. Kim Newburn says:

    Have been getting my Easter Bilbies, chocolate frogs and so many other items from Haighs for over 5 years and everyone loves it. Never disappointed. Thank you

  265. Leanne says:

    Haighs Chocolate my favourite and so many choices !!

  266. Leonie Hunt says:

    Loving those chocolates

  267. Barbara Hermon says:

    Home Design magazineasked me to list My 10 Favourite Things for their March 2013 issue & Favourite #8 was Haigs Milk Chocolate Speckles! A long time addiction of mine. You can view this page on my Instagram under barbarahermon.

  268. Erin Pope says:

    #ILoveSAFood #haighs

  269. Marg says:

    Haigh’s, my favourite chocolate by a long shot!

  270. Rachel says:

    Old favourites

  271. Angela Honner says:

    Fruit chocs are always a winner and are always in my cupboard whether to eat by themselves or their Fruit choc brownies – which are to die for.

  272. joanne kegel says:

    Fruchocs, Yummy.

  273. Barbara says:

    Bickford’s has been one of the longest running business in SA and their products have always been excellent. A company to be proud of.

  274. Veronica Gilbody says:

    I wish I could buy Robern Menz Fruchocs in Launceston, Tasmania. I love them.

  275. Jayne Horn says:

    Fluerieu Milk is the best. Tastes like milk use to taste. Jersey milk is outstanding.

  276. Joanne Penn says:

    Only buy fluerieu milk

  277. Cheryl Lush says:

    Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt Company. Great drinking real milk with no additives and scrumptious honey yoghurt with homegrown fruit. Our B&B guests love both.

  278. Dianne says:

    MENZ catering for all chocolate lovers as well those other treats 🤗👍

  279. Noelene MOFFATT says:

    Just love their Yoghurt and Milk

  280. Sandy Samuels-Rowan says:

    Goes without saying. Haighs dark chocolate is the best

  281. Cheryll Martin says:

    Just love Fruchocs!

  282. Jenn says:

    I can’t live without FruChocs and the other yummies they make.

  283. Veronica says:

    Best chocolate mint frogs

  284. Raine Anderson says:

    Robern Menz has been a big part of my life for many years. Their variety is upstaged by no other firm. The Dark Choc Fruchocs are my favourite.

  285. Sandi Pullen says:

    Robert Menz is the best adeladien product on the market . FruChocs are just yum the succulent flavers burst in your mouth after each bite.

  286. M Walker says:

    Best place to go for chocolate covered mint leaves – in the whole world.

  287. Miss Thelma Bungey says:

    FruChocs are so yummy I only can afford them calorie wise occasionally

  288. Caroline Fratantuono says:


  289. Angela says:

    Menz Fruchocs. I love all their products.

  290. Sandra Orme says:

    I love both of these businesses foods.

  291. Kathy Kearney says:

    Great Gluten Free Prducts!!

  292. Jenny says:

    So creative and so delicious😊


    Give me one of their baskets and let me wander in their shop on Glynburn Road and I am in heaven – Menz sryle. So much more than Fruchocs!

  294. Sandra Jupe says:

    Love Fruchocs. Disappointed when we go interstate and can’t get them.
    Will often take them with us to share with friends interstate.

  295. Belinda Lee says:

    I would die if I didn’t have Haigh’s in my life

  296. Linda says:

    A high quality Australian Brand.

  297. John Tomczyk says:

    We just love www. Vote #19 Spring Gully foods

  298. Lyn Whiteway says:

    Careme pastry is the only pastry I buy if I’m not making my own. I will only use butter and so do tney and their puff pastry is exquisite. It just melts in your mouth.

  299. Ian Kershae says:

    Robern Menz is great, but I voted even though you can’t buy Fruchocs in Tasmania! HELP!

  300. Heather McNair says:

    I love fruchocs so much that when I’m in SA I stock up before leaving for Weipa,QLD. I have got quite a few friends hooked so have to bring back some for them.

  301. Colin freeman says:

    Nippys make the juices and milks A1 service and brand’s

  302. Angela Honner says:

    Love them

  303. Angela Penno says:

    The products this company makes are awesome.
    The customer service they provide is second to none.

  304. I love Fruchocs they go quickly in my home

  305. Sharon says:

    My all time fave ‘pick me up’ sweet. Just takes me away from ‘it all’. If I was to be stranded on an island…..Fruchocs would be my choice of a wish!!!!!

  306. Raine says:

    Robern Menz company has provided SA with tempting foods for as long as I can remember/

  307. John J says:

    Great product, impressed that they have gone GF with products.

  308. Dianne says:

    Menz good luck to your company and staff best chocolate ever

  309. Judith Nelson says:

    I love Fruchocs best ever.A Delightful Pleasure.

  310. Diane Pearn says:

    Delicious anywhere, anytime ..

  311. Kerry roberts says:

    This is the only brand I buy I just love it

  312. Tina says:

    I love Menz ‘s fruit chops and the musk mints yummo

  313. Chris says:

    Menz is the best

  314. Dana Olesinski says:

    I miss being able to get robern-menz products in stores since I moved to Melbourne

  315. SUSAN says:

    So happy I csn buy Bickford products here in the NT.

  316. Chris Henderson says:

    Robern Menz

  317. Deb says:

    Love my fruchocs anytime, anyplace!!

  318. Cathy Tomaselli says:

    I love the thick layer of cream on top of the milk from B-d Farm Paris Creek. Reminds me of my childhood and the silver foil capped bottles of milk.

  319. Tamara says:

    an iconic SA brand, and a generous community minded organisation

  320. David says:


  321. Lesley Grant says:

    I love Robert Men’s especially Fruchocs, love, love ,love them!!!

  322. Lesley Grant says:

    I love Robert Men’s, especially Fruchocs, love, love, love them!!!

  323. Fran Jarrad says:

    Fruit Chocs great way to bribe someone you care for with this treat!

  324. Alexandra Shorter says:

    love love love their products with Frutchoc the all time favourite cheeky indulgence

  325. Sue Doman says:

    Im sugar free with the exception of frucChocs- yuuuuuuummmmmm❤️

  326. Sue Doman says:

    Im sugar free with the exception of FrucChocs – yuuuuummmmmm👍❤️

  327. Sally-Anne Pucek says:

    Spring gully love their pickley flavours

  328. DEB Peters says:

    I totally love Menz Fruchocs

  329. Cheryl Mudrakovic says:

    I love all the yummy products that are made by Menz however my favourite has got to be Fruchocs and I have even taken them to my friend who lives in Tasmania as unfortunately they are not available there.

  330. Cathy says:

    Love Fleurieu milk products! Delicious and wholesome 🙂

  331. Michelle Hahesy says:

    Piped Dream Cookies are the stuff dreams are made of. Best present to give a love one because who doesnt like cookies? AND these taste just as good as they look. Customer service here is amazing too so it is a win win

  332. Anna says:

    Enzos at Home have a wonderful selection of GF and other meal choices both in main meal and in desserts would like to see them win this

  333. alan says:

    As much as I love Fruitchocs missed out this year around showtime and lost the need to feed.Maybe I can find some somewhere eventually, just a memory.

  334. Lara says:

    couldn’t survive without my Fruchocs

  335. FRANK says:

    Wonderful people ,wonderful food enjoy going there

  336. Always been my fav since they came on the market and I am in my sixties

  337. Olive Sant says:

    Love the quality and creamy consistency of the Fleurieu milk and milk products.

  338. Carol Veber says:

    Love Robern Menz Been buying dried fruits since my children were young Made a great mixed fruit slice very popular with the boy’s school, and Mother’s Club. Now my grandchildren love them as well, especially Fruchocs. My grandson loves the choc coated raspberries I love the coconut ones Of course we all love the apricot logs. All in all they do not last long at our homes. Carol veber

  339. Vaneet sharma says:

    Love enzos meals

  340. Averyl Graham Symonds says:

    wonderful products … a real secret pleasure

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