SA Food Industry Awards 2017 winners

South Australia is the winner

The 2017 South Australian Food Industry Award winners have been announced tonight at the largest food and beverage industry gathering in Australia and overall, the big winner is South Australia, according to Food South Australia CEO Catherine Sayer.

The winners were announced to an audience of more than 700 at the Adelaide Convention Centre at what has become known as the industry’s ‘night of nights’, hosted this year by Matt Preston.

“This year’s winners typify the diverse range of food and beverage products we manufacture in this state, ranging from on-trend functional foods to traditional family favourites,” Ms Sayer said.

“Our state is home to highly skilled entrepreneurs and to businesses of all sizes who are contributing significantly, and consistently, to South Australia’s economic growth,” she said.

“The joint winners of the Duncan MacGillivray Entrepreneur Award, Tom Robinson and Roger Edwards, are fantastic examples of how South Australia is benefiting from successful entrepreneurship in the food and beverage industry.

“Tom and Roger have led the way to transform an industry, turning pipis from a low value fishing bait into a premium gourmet –and strongly South Australian – product, now beloved by top chefs.

“Tonight’s inductee into the San Remo Hall of Fame, Nippy’s, is a great example of the contribution our industry makes to regional employment, while Ceravolo Orchards, winners of the 2017 Thomas Foods Primary Producer and Peats Soil and Garden Supplies’ Sustainability Awards, is a family business in the Adelaide Hills strategically managing every aspect of their business to add value and reduce waste.

“It is critical to recognise and build on best practice, and this is something our industry does well, partly through these Awards. The South Australian Food Industry Awards program, hosted by Food South Australia and supported each year by Primary Industries and Regions SA, has become a benchmark for industry excellence,” she said.

“Over the last 19 years, these Awards have become an important springboard to help South Australian businesses grow. For example, we have found that finalists and winners have been able to use their success as a hallmark of quality and to successfully break into important new markets.”

“Our industry has to keep working hard to be globally competitive, but programs like the South Australian Food Industry Awards also give us a rare opportunity for industry to come together, and to step outside individual businesses to look at how we work as an industry to maximise collaborative opportunities. Everyone involved in these Awards, and every South Australian, should be proud of these achievements and the contribution our food and beverage industry makes to our great state,” Ms Sayer said.

Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Leon Bignell said,The South Australian Food Industry Awards are something people in the food sector look forward to every year and it’s a fantastic way for us to celebrate the future-thinkers, innovators and visionaries behind our state’s food brands.”

“The 7 per cent growth seen across both gross food revenue and total overseas exports in 2016–17 demonstrates how highly sought after South Australia’s premium food and beverages products are worldwide,” he said.

“South Australia is one of the few jurisdictions in the world to be phylloxera free, fruit fly free and have a moratorium on growing genetically modified food crops.”

“These credentials give the State’s primary producers and food and beverage manufacturers a competitive marketing advantage in the global marketplace.”

“Extending South Australia’s GM food crops ban supports the whole food chain and enables our global food brands, such as San Remo and Tuckers, to promote their products as non-GM which is an incredible advantage in international markets such as the US, Middle-East and China.”

“The State Government is proud to back our food industry and is investing in initiatives to grow the sector and support productivity, market access and global competitiveness. Our food industry is brimming with new ideas – from packaging and technology to new product development and value-adding, and the winners of this year’s South Australian Food Industry Awards are a testament to this,” Minister Bignell said.


The 2017 South Australian Food Industry Awards Winners are…

San Remo Hall of Fame Inductee: Nippy’s

Duncan MacGillivray Entrepreneur Award: Tom Robinson and Roger Edwards

Bickford’s Group Leader Award: Kris Lloyd

University of Adelaide Education Award: Haigh’s Chocolates

Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Education Foundation of South Australia Business Excellence Award:

  • Beerenberg Farm (More than 15 FTEs)
  • Skara Smallgoods (15 FTEs or less)

Visy Export Award: Beston Global Food Company

South Australian Research and Development Institute Innovation – Food Award:

  • Raw Nation Wholefoods – (More than 15 FTEs)
  • Greenwheat Freekeh (15 FTEs or less)

Food Processing Equipment Innovation – Business Award: Wakefield Grange

Foodland SA New Product Award:

  • MOO Premium Foods – Boysenberry and Super Acai Yoghurt (More than 15 FTEs)
  • Section28 Artisan Cheeses’ – ‘Los Hermanos’ cheese (15 FTEs or less)

Peat’s Soil and Garden Supplies Sustainability Award:

  • Ceravolo Orchards (More than 15 FTEs)
  • Skara Smallgoods (15 FTEs or less)

Thomas Foods International Primary Producer Award:

  • Ceravolo Orchards (More than 15 FTEs)
  • Bultarra Saltbush Lamb (15 FTEs or less)

Moore Stephens South Australia Service Provider Award:

  • HMPS (More than 15 FTEs)
  • Wakefield Grange (15 FTEs or less)

PIRSA Regional Award: Sundrop Farms

Statewide Super Consumer Award: Robern Menz