South Australian Analytical Laboratory Services (SAALS)

SAALS (South Australian Analytical Laboratory Services) provides a reliable service for food manufacturers to identify and evaluate their products at affordable expense in reliable conditions.

We have been in the food industry for more than 25 years and know the industry well helping us to respond to businesses in a more proactive manner than a simple laboratory can. SAALS consists of a team of expert scientists, working in a modern state-of-the-art laboratory, utilising methods of the highest standards where you can directly communicate with lab management and respective sections easily at any time, we are always reachable.

SAALS has a highly qualified crew that specialise in food industry microbiology, OHS and food safety auditing. Other services we provide are; food testing, water testing, nutrition and chemical testing, surface hygiene testing, and trichinella/parasite testing.

Visit the South Australian Analytical Laboratory Services website for more.


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Award categories
    Open Awards (up to 15 FTE staff OR over 15 FTEs)

  • Business Excellence Award, sponsored by Show Society Foundation
  • Export Award, sponsored by Visy
  • Innovation in Business Award, sponsored by Food Processing Equipment
  • Innovation in Food Award, sponsored by the South Australian Research & Development Institute
  • New Product Award, sponsored by Foodland SA
  • Primary Producer Award, sponsored by Thomas Foods International
  • Service Provider Award, sponsored by Moore Stephens South Australia
  • Sustainability Award, sponsored by Peats Soil and Garden Supplies

  • Individual Awards

  • Leader Award, sponsored by Bickford’s Group
  • Next Generation Award, sponsored by Macro Group Australia

  • Industry Awards

  • Hall of Fame Award, sponsored by San Remo
  • Duncan MacGillivray Entrepreneur Award, sponsored by Primary Industries and Regions South Australia
  • Education Award, sponsored by The University of Adelaide
  • Regional Award, sponsored by Primary Industries and Regions South Australia

  • The Consumer Award, sponsored by Statewide Super
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