2012 Winners

2012 SA Food Industry Awards winners are:

San Remo Hall of Fame San Remo
Inductee: Haigh’s Chocolates

Bickford’s Australia Leader Award
Winner: Franz Knoll

Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society Best Practice Award
Winner: ≤ 10 FTE Barossa Valley Cheese Company
Winner: (> 10 FTE): Bickford’s Australia

Food & Beverage Development Fund Workforce Development Awards
Winner: Beerenberg

Peats Soil and Garden Supplies Sustainability Award
Winner: ≤ 10 FTE Savannah Lamb
Winner: > 10 FTE Bickford’s Australia

SARDI Innovation Award
Winner: ≤ 10 FTE The Australian Carob Company
Winner: Mexican Express

Foodland SA Product Award
Winner: ≤ 10 FTE Pangkarra Foods
Winner: > 10 FTE Sunfresh Salads

PIRSA Regional Award
Winner: Savannah Lamb

Award categories
    Open Awards (up to 15 FTE staff OR over 15 FTEs)

  • Business Excellence Award, sponsored by Show Society Foundation
  • Export Award, sponsored by Visy
  • Innovation in Business Award, sponsored by Food Processing Equipment
  • Innovation in Food Award, sponsored by the South Australian Research & Development Institute
  • New Product Award, sponsored by Foodland SA
  • Primary Producer Award, sponsored by Thomas Foods International
  • Service Provider Award, sponsored by Moore Stephens South Australia
  • Sustainability Award, sponsored by Peats Soil and Garden Supplies

  • Individual Awards

  • Leader Award, sponsored by Bickford’s Group
  • Next Generation Award, sponsored by Macro Group Australia

  • Industry Awards

  • Hall of Fame Award, sponsored by San Remo
  • Duncan MacGillivray Entrepreneur Award, sponsored by Primary Industries and Regions South Australia
  • Education Award, sponsored by The University of Adelaide
  • Regional Award, sponsored by Primary Industries and Regions South Australia

  • The Consumer Award, sponsored by Statewide Super