SA Food Industry Award winners

Twelve food companies from diverse areas of the industry were announced winners at last night’s 15th South Australian Food Industry Awards celebration at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Franz Knoll, Barossa Fine Foods

Minister for Food, Gail Gago inducted the oldest family owned chocolate manufacturing retailer in Australia – Haigh’s Chocolates into the San Remo Hall of Fame.

Local favourite Haigh’s were recognised for their vision in providing a world class chocolate experience for consumers every time, as well as for their supportive work environment, and as a supporter of numerous causes including charities and the environment, Ms Gago said.

Previous Hall of Fame inductees, Bickford’s Australia and Beerenberg were also both Award winners on the night.

Bickford’s took out both the Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society Best Practice and Peats Soil and Garden Supplies Sustainability categories demonstrating world standards of production and practise, while Beerenberg were awarded for their exemplary workforce strategy winning the Food and Beverage Development Fund Workforce Development Award, Ms Gago said.

Franz Knoll, Director and Owner of Barossa Fine Foods was another winner, awarded for his leadership in the food industry in the Bickford’s Australia Leader Award, which highlighted his outstanding contribution towards best practice, production and innovation within his own company as well as the wider meat and smallgoods industry.

Franz is dedicated towards his aim of expand the science of his industry, raise standards, push technical boundaries and educate consumers, and is a very deserving winner.

Through the South Australian Government’s Premium Food and Wine from our Clean Environment initiative, we are proud to support our food industry, one of the most dynamic and innovative in the country. These Awards are a unique partnership between Food SA and PIRSA and are testament to that commitment and dedication.

Other winners include Barossa Valley Cheese Company, The Australian Carob Co, Mexican Express, Pangkarra Foods, Sunfresh Salads, and Savannah Lamb.

Over 500 guests were treated to a spectacular night which started with a surprise flash mob featuring professional dancers as well as people from the SA food industry reflecting the theme of people being ‘The Secret Ingredient’.

Guests also enjoyed an incredible four course menu starring the state’s premium food and wine including; Spencer Gulf prawns, T&R Pastoral roasted lamb, Buzz Honey Ice cream and Nardone Baker wines.


San Remo Hall of Fame

Inductee: Haigh’s Chocolates

Haigh’s Chocolates was established in 1915, and is a fourth generation run family owned company. It is the oldest family-owned chocolate manufacturing retailer in Australia, and produces over 200 types of chocolate. Their vision is to provide a world class chocolate experience every time. Haigh’s promotes a productive yet flexible and supportive work environment, and supports numerous causes including charities, environmental, fair trade and endangered species.

Bickford’s Australia Leader Award

Winner: Franz Knoll

Franz Knoll is Managing Director of Barossa Fine Foods, Australia’s Most Awarded Smallgoods Company, exemplifying best practice, produce, innovation and leadership. Franz’s aim is to expand the science of his industry, raise standards, push technical boundaries and educate consumers.

Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society Best Practice Award

Winner (≤ 10 FTE): Barossa Valley Cheese Company

Opening its doors in Angaston in 2003, Barossa Valley Cheese Company now produces 4,800 litres of milk into 16 styles of award winning cheeses, all sold Australia-wide. The Cheesecellar brings a unique food and wine tourism offering to the Barossa region.

Winner (> 10 FTE): Bickford’s Australia

Steeped in history and quality, Bickford’s Australia currently produces over 16 brands and 150 individual products across the range of cordials, premium juices, iced coffee mix, milk mixes, old style sodas and waters, exporting to New Zealand, South East Asia and the UAE.

SARDI Innovation Award

Winner (≤ 10 FTE): The Australian Carob Co

As the largest Carob orchard in Australia with 6,000 trees, Australian Carob Company prides itself on producing products of superior quality such as Carob syrup, powder, kibble and buttons with the only fully integrated commercial carob processing plant in Australia.

Winner (> 10 FTE): Mexican Express

A recognised pioneer of liquid cheese, dairy and tomato based sauces, Mexican Express is the only company in the Southern Hemisphere to own an innovative Shaka Retort and Hipex Asecptic Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT) and Rota Therm line which have bolstered them into a new league of capacity, quality and tailored consumer responsiveness.

Foodland SA Product Award

Winner (≤ 10 FTE): Pangkarra Foods

Family owned and operated, Pangkarra Foods produce a range of premium stone milled wholegrain pastas and flour. Their wholegrain pasta range comes in seven shapes, dry form, and is made from 100 per cent durum wheat, grown on the farm, using environmental sustainable farming practices.

Winner (> 10 FTE): Sunfresh Salads

Producing a range pre-prepared ready-to-eat fresh salads and bulk packs for food service, Sunfresh Salads new products are; Sunfresh Ready Noodle and Pasta Pots. Targeting the emerging grab and go lunch time shopper, the products are convenient and offer a healthy alternative.

PIRSA Regional Award

Winner (≤ 10 FTE): Savannah Lamb

Located in the Yorke and Mid North region, Savannah Lamb produces and supplies stressfree, ethically-raised lambs and is supporting local growers through a cooperative to grow lambs.

Peats Soil and Garden Supplies Sustainability Award

Winner (≤ 10 FTE): Savannah Lamb

Producing and supplying stress-free, ethically-raised lambs to premium butchers, restaurants and consumers, Savannah Lamb is designed for maximum sustainability. They are delivering long term improvement of the land resource and community, based on a ‘local first’ philosophy.

Winner (> 10 FTE): Bickford’s Australia

Steeped in history and quality, Bickford’s Australia’s environmental initiatives include signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant and utilising Sustainability Packaging Guidelines in areas such as water, trade waste, energy reduction, training of staff and recycling.

Food and Beverage Development Fund Workforce Development Award

Winner (> 10 FTE): Beerenberg

Beerenberg has developed into an international brand with a global presence. Employing 65 staff, their training and development strategy aims to have 100 per cent of the production workforce attain a formal qualification, skills to enable growth and succession planning.

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